Navigation Overview

Header Bar

These options will always be available regardless of which other menus, panels, and views users have open. From here, users can access the entire application within a few clicks.

? Menu

The ? menu drops down to show support options. These include the option to replay the introductory walkthrough or to get help outside the application (wiki and customer support contact information).

User Icon Menu

The User Icon Menu drops down to show the user profile, account tier, and permission level, where users can click to open and edit profile information, or change login information. Additionally, the User Icon Menu contains a link to set and edit preferences or log out of the application and end the session.

Hamburger Button

The Hamburger Button (hamburger menu) opens the App Nav Panel fully, displaying all navigational options in the List Panel. When all menus and panels are fully collapsed, use this button to open them.

Three Panel Navigation

The panels on the left of the interface expand and collapse as users get further into the hierarchy of each item. Each panel has specific functions, and most will change based on the section of the app currently active for the user.

App Nav Panel

The App Nav Panel is the main navigation panel for the application, where you will be able to move between tabs to change between modules. It is also attached to the hamburger menu in the header bar.

List Panel

The List Panel will display the primary options within the module you have opened, and is the launch point for interacting with that module.

Details Panel

The Details Panel is another interactive panel within the module that opens when you expand any element from the List Panel.

App Nav Panel

The App Nav Panel contains all of the top level navigation sections of the application. Based on a user’s account tiers and permission levels, some of these options may be unavailable.

Live Mode

Live Mode is one of two map modes that displays all of the most recently reported positions from all Assets that are toggled visible in the List Panel. If any assets report new positions after the start of the session, Live Mode will follow those assets as well.

History Mode

History Mode is the second of two map modes that displays all of the reported positions from all Assets toggled visible for the default history period set in User Preferences. Users can change the history period by clicking the preset buttons, or by entering a custom date and time range with the calendar button.


The Geofences module in the App Nav Panel displays the Map View in the Main Console with a list of all Geofences in the List Panel.


The Places module in the App Nav Panel displays the Map View in the Main Console with a list of all Places in the List Panel.


The Journeys module in the App Nav Panel displays the Map View in the Main Console with a list of all Journeys in the List Panel.

Add Item

The Add Item option in the App Nav Panel is the one-stop spot for creating anything that will be displayed, managed, or otherwise interacted with from inside the portal.


The Manage module gives users the ability to control all of their settings, and to interact with special elements like Alerts, Contacts, and Shared Views.


The Config module is the place for users to manage their Profiles, account-level settings, and preferences.


The Reports module offers users the ability to process and visualize data from assets in a portable and exportable way other than just viewing the position and event reports on a map interface.